What is the Best Way to Manage Multiple Domains and Hosting Accounts?

Best Way to Manage Multiple Domain and Hosting Accounts

Becoming a Domainer and dealing in multiple domains is also an art. Not just because one needs to find the right kind of domains which have high DA or PA quality, but also maintaining the inventory also makes a huge difference.

The smarter a domainer is in maintaining their inventory, the smarter their mind works in buying and selling the right domains at the right price. Being organized for this business is indeed mandatory.  We book domains from various registrars like Dynadot, Uniregistry, Namebright, Godaddy, etc. We try to find out who provides us the best deals so that we can save a few bucks.

When we are either starting to enter domaining or managing a huge portfolio of domains this is really important criteria because of which we can save a lot of money.

Whether you are a part time or full time domainer, managing multiple domains is a daunting task. Each domain needs to be renewed annually. One needs to manually log into their accounts from various registrars to see which domains are expiring.

Another daunting and intuitive work is to see which domains should be renewed and which ones to be trashed. The ones to be renewed should be worth it as well as save some money. This money can be further invested in some other domains which will have better DA or PA.

One way to maintain the multiple domains is making an excel sheet. Entering all the domains and keep adding your inventory as soon as you make any sale, purchases or renewals. But the drawback here is you always need your excel file handy in your devices. If you forgot the device like laptop or mobile during an important meeting, you will not be able to access your excel sheet.

Another drawback with excel sheet is that you will need to keep a tab on a daily basis. You need to check which multiple domains are getting expired. Then in various sheets of registrars made, you will need to check each and every sheet. Then renew those domains individually.

Likewise, if you’re a reseller selling hosting, excel sheet needs to maintain on a daily basis for multiple hosting accounts you’re holding with multiple hosting companies. Here too the process is daunting and tedious.

Even in client list if we forget to inform the client about his domain or hosting renewal then that’s a double loss. For us as it not only hampers our business monetarily, but it even hampers our creditability. We lose trust of our client as they feel we are not giving their business the due importance. It is a competitive world out today and each client wants to feel special and valued for giving their business.

For all the above like managing multiple domains and multiple hosting’s and clients we have a solution that can be done with just a click of button and from anywhere in the world.

The answer to managing multiple domains, multiple hosting and clients is our Simple Software –  Domain Hosting Management (DHM).

Domain Hosting Management makes your life simple with just a click of a button whether you are in full time or part time domaining or run a web design agency or you are a freelancer.

Domain Hosting Management software not only helps you to manage multiple domains with various registrar’s. It even helps you with multiple hosting accounts affiliated with various hosting companies.

You now have the freedom to manage all of the above under one single panel – Domain Hosting Management.  Manage various clients under a panel. You can set daily, monthly, weekly reminders about the expiration of your multiple domains or multiple hosting.

This helps you to keep your business on the mark, serve your customers more efficiently as well as focus on growing your business further.

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