How to Easily Manage Multiple Domain Name?

How to Easily Manage Multiple Domain Name

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”
— Chris Grosser

The above quote applies to each business and so it does apply to the domain-name business as well. We need to create opportunities to sell our domains and indeed it is an art.

Our day-to-day lives are quite busy and there are multiple activities that need our attention. Whether it is attending to our schedules or regular business at hand, or perhaps it is acquiring new business and handling our teams, our tasks are just endless.

And in this chaos, we perhaps look for something less burdening to manage multiple domain names with multiple registrars. Because handling this task manually can be quite daunting.

In fact, sometimes people lose their heart in the Domain-name business and quite being a domainer because of this handling process. Even though this line of business is quite lucrative. It does involve managing your domains smartly and knowing the knack of the trade.

There are many tasks which need our close monitoring in the domainer business. For instance, it is important to keep a tab on the renewal dates for each domain with every registrar. Primarily this is done by maintaining multiple excel sheets and each sheet needs to be checked on a daily basis. But still there are another best way to manage multiple domain and hosting accounts by using online software that remind you renewal dates, passwords and other important data.

Best Way to Manage Multiple Domain and Hosting Accounts

In fact, the entire profitability of the business lays on these sheets. We need to check the buying price and then accordingly decide on the selling price. The difference between the two makes our profit. But then checking the sheets daily – isn’t this sometimes a very tedious job?

There are many platforms which help you to maintain bulk domain names, along with their domain park page but the problem with those platforms is that you need to put in their name servers so then it shows their parking page.

Again, in future, if you plan to develop a website, you need to go in your domain cPanel and change nameservers, then you can host your website.

However, what if we say we have a solution to this problem where you can easily manage your multiple domains at one go and that too on your web server. Plus, you have all the access to your domains in your cPanel account only and you don’t need to be dependent on a third party. Also, all this information can be accessed from anywhere across the globe right on your server.

Domain Hosting Management (DHM) is the answer to your questions; whether you are holding hundreds or thousands of domains, you can maintain all the multiple domains on your server.

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Domain Hosting Management software not only helps you to manage multiple domains with various registrars, it even helps you with multiple hosting accounts affiliated with various hosting companies. You can even upload bulk domain names or hosting accounts with just click of a button.

You have the freedom to manage multiple domain names under one single panel. Set daily, weekly, monthly reminders of your domain expiry so that you don’t have to worry even about forgetting the renewal of your domain name and end of losing on some profit.

You can even check purchase prices of multiple domains at one go whether you want to check your yearly spending on domains or monthly spending, all can be seen in our panel.

Apart from maintaining the domain names, Domain Hosting Management even helps to maintain additional accounts of your various social media profiles where you can save your usernames and passwords, so no need of remembering them always.

Thanks for reading the article. I hope you enjoy it.

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