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DHM allows you to save and manage all your data server, domains and social network accounts. Easy, 100% Customizable, Security...

Our Features

DHM is an application to manage your domain and server.
It is designed for all Web Agency & Freelance, who need to manage multiple accounts and websites.


Add all the data of your domain. You can also add accounts related to domain


Allows you to maintain all your server data.


Manage your customers. Link them to services they have taken from you


Add all the data of your providers. You can also maintain credentials.


Add all your hosting provider. Also Allow to mao it to your domain.


You can use DHM from any device: smartphone, tablet, PC.


It uses the most advanced encryption algorithms.

Send Mail

Allows to send customer his domain details. Also allows yout to condigure Mail Settings

Type Of Account

Add a new type account. Example: Bitbucket, Cpanel, Database MySQL, Email, Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, Google, Linkedin, PhpMyAdmin, Pinterest.

“Every Thing is designed. Few Things are Designed well.” - Brian Reed

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